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It’s good for the environment, and it’s good for you.

Who We Are

OZONE Group is a Turkish Multi-national Company specializing in Hydroponics solutions and systems, where we pride ourselves with a highly-skilled team of professionals

Our System Features:

  • Smart irrigation capabilities with water saving of up to 95%.
  • Completely eliminating the need for pesticides used in traditional agriculture.
  • Saving in the use of fertilizers of up to 65%.
  • No specialist is required for the operation, as our system is fully automated.
  • Full exploitation of agricultural space, as our system’s efficiency in terms of capacity reaches more than 5,000 seedlings in an area of less than 30 m², whereas on the other hand, an area of more than 350 m² is needed to grow the same amount of the aforementioned seedlings in traditional conventional farming systems.
  • Production process continues throughout the year and around the clock (24/7), without being affected by climatic conditions and external factors. Therefore, our systems could be utilized in places with extreme weather conditions like cold countries such as Europe and Russia for example, in addition to hot countries like Gulf Countries for example.
  • All our systems are suitable for “Urban” applications like Restaurants, Homes, Offices, Malls, Airports, …. etc.

we challenge ourselves and strive to give

Quality and reliable products

Quick service and excellent response time to the needs of our customers.

Results-driven after-sale service, technical support, and consultation to our clients.

Possibility of carrying out projects on a turn-key basis.


We made our system from the ground up to be easy to disassemble and install, "30 minutes" is all you need to disassemble and install a tower that can accommodate 90 seedlings.


Our system works automatically to make the agricultural environment suitable for plant growth. Temperature, humidity, and the right amounts of water and light

Fresh and healthy

Whether planted in summer or winter, in your garden or in your basement, your vegetables will always be fresh and healthy.

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